Friday, August 8, 2008

Google SketchUp Pro v6.4.112

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Google SketchUp Pro 6 is software that you can use to create, share and
present 3D models. The Pro version of SketchUp provides extra
functionality for people who need to export their work into CAD,
rendering and other professional software applications. SketchUp Pro 6
also includes LayOut, a completely new program that lets you create
complete presentations—paper and digital—from your SketchUp models.

Google SketchUp Pro 6 now lets you create 3D models from photographs,
match existing models to background photos, render sketchy effects and
fog and mark your models with 3D text, logos and watermarks. With the
new Styles palette, you have easy access to a collection of display
settings, which you can save and share. You also have greater control,
with new features like enhanced modifier keys that let you perform
operations like “copy” while you move, rotate or push/pull.


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