Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Automatically Add Watermark To Images In Wordpress [Tutorial]

How to Automatically Watermark Images in WordPress?

WordPress is world’s largest blogging platform existing.The latest version of WordPress 3.5 has been downloaded over 75 million times.Today I will show a method by which you can automatically watermark all the image that you use in your posts.Watermarking images with your site’s name helps you to build a brand name for your sight.And if you are lucky to get higher ranking s in Image search these watermarked images will prove really valuable for you.

For this method we will be using a plugin called WaterMark Reloaded.You can search for this plugin from your WordPress dashboard  or you can download it here.Download and Install Watermark Reloaded on your site.Now I will show you the settings you should use with this plugin to get the best results.

To apply this settings,from your WordPress Dashboard select Settings->Watermark Reloaded

1.First Of Check The Options Enable Water Mark for Thumbnail,Medium,Large and Full Size.

watermark1 300x58

2.Now in watermark alignment select the bottom left because that is one that gives the best results.

watermark2 300x69

3Now in WaterMark Text enter your site’s name.Dont change font or any things.Make sure you save the settings before you quit the page.

Now your WaterMark reloaded plugin is all set to go.From now on when you insert a image into your post,the images will be automatically watermarked with your websites name.

Some tips to use this plugin

  • Use Big Images So that The Watermark Does Not Effect your Image[The images above looks kind off awkward because they are small images]
  • Try to use Pictures with white background.The black watermark text seems to blend well into white backgrounds.

Here are some sample pictures that are automatically watermarked with the wordpress plugin Watermark Reloaded.

scenery teneriffa02

Do drop comments here if you find our post about Automatically adding Watermark to Images in WordPress helpful.Also inform us if you face some trouble implementing this.Here at KalladaMagz we are always happy to help you.


Automatically Add Watermark To Images In Wordpress [Tutorial]

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