Monday, January 21, 2013

Google Is Looking Forward To A Future Without Passwords

You know why I love Tech Industry?It’s because I get to see some thing new each and every single day.Today as I was browsing across the net to give you people something interesting to read I came across this post in Ipproportal which discuss about Google’s future plans to bring out a world without passwords.

To tell you in simple terms,Google is planning to use a concept which is similar to credit card concept.Where you insert a card into a device to draw the money from ATM.The concept is similar.Here you will be storing your passwords in a device which is similar to small pen drive  The device is called YubiKey. It  can all store all your personal information including passwords,credit cards info and other personal details.This device can also generate passwords for you.Another important feature of Yubikey is that it stores yous passwords in an encrypted form so that your passwords are safe.Here is a sample pic of YubiKey.

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As you can see in the above picture, Yubikey is a very thin device and can be used as a pen drive.Why do I get a strange feeling that today I am writting about some industry changing product?Because some game changing companies are looking forward to this product.And the game changing company is none other than Google.Google Security Wing head Eric Groose has been seen experimenting YubiKey with a modified version of Chrome.All you have to do is just plugin this small device and you will be logged in to your respective accounts.

So what do you think about Google’s vision for a world without passwords?Like me do you think that this will be a ground breaking product.Here at kalladaMagz we are always looking forward to hear your opinions.

Google Is Looking Forward To A Future Without Passwords

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