Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How An Android Phone Can Help You Escape From Worst Scenarios?

There are certain situations in which you pray to God for someone to call you so that you can just run away from a particular situations or a particular person.Yes there are a lot of fake call applications available in Play Store, but the main drawback with all these softwares is that they require you to set a specific time at which the fake call should come..If life nothing is certain.We can never tell when you are going to hit trouble.

We will be using a app called Call Faker which is available for free in the android market.The user interface of this app is not much of a high class app.But this app does its job well.It does exactly what it should do.Like all other fake call apps you can specify a time at which the prank call should be made to your phone.But that’s not what makes this app the best.What makes this app the best fake call app is that it provides a cute tiny widget which can be put on your home screen..All you have to do when you are in a uneasy situation is to press this widget.Once clicked this app will make a fake call to your phone in 10 seconds.


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How An Android Phone Can Help You Escape From Worst Scenarios?

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