Saturday, February 16, 2013

How To Finish Reading A Book For Lazy People Like Me

If you are like me and never finishes some thing that you have started especially books, then you gotta read this.There are many instances of me starting to read a book due to some instant motivation then stopping to read it after 2 or 3 days.First I thought the reason for this was that the authors writing style was not perfect and it was their problem that they cannot keep a reader interested in their books.But still there are a lot of people who completes reading books icon razz .So I thought to myself there should be something that I am doing wrong that prevents me from reading books completely.I decided that its high time I find a solution to this.

The first thing that I did for testing this method was to take a book that has been in best seller’s list for a long time.If a book can stay in the best seller’s list for a period of 5 years or more it should be really good.The book I choose for my experiment was “The Alchemist” by Paul Coelho .It’s all about a shepherd boy who goes in search of his destiny.I have read a lot of positive reviews about this book and how this changed some people’s life and all.So did not give my naughty mind a second thought.

This book had like 200 pages.Usually when I begin to read a book what I will try to do is to read it completely in one strech or may in a day or two.That was the reason that was causing me to stop reading the book in middle.There is limit to the time that your mind can stay focussed in a certain topic.And moreover when you decide in your mind to finish reading the book in 2 days and if you cannot do it,your mind takes it as a negative emotion ie as a goal never accomplished.More goals you never accomplish lesser will be your self confidence.So here is a  simple step that I took to finish reading a complete book.

Set Realistic Targets

This time when I began reading the book I fixed a realistic target in my mind ie I fixed the number of days I would take to complete reading this book.This book was 200 pages,so I thought to myself I will finish the book in 20 days ie just 10 pages a day.It would hardly take 20 minutes time to read those 10 pages.So even if I am free or Even if I am busy I will never read more than or less than 10 pages a day.If you keep yourself to this habit then I am sure you will definitely finish reading the book.

I hope you guys liked my post about How To Finish Reading Books for Lazy People.I am sure using this small little technique you will be able to finish reading any book.All you have to do is to just Set Realistic Targets and then work for it.Do drop your experiances with using this technique here so that the other readers can feel motivated.


How To Finish Reading A Book For Lazy People Like Me

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