Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Send Files From One Computer To Another Without Uploading It Anywhere

Almost every email provider including gmail does not allow you to send files greater that 25 Mb through it,along with many unwanted restrictions like you can’t send exe files and all.So the only alternative to this was to upload the files in some free filesharing site like Mediafire or Ziddu and send the download link to the other party.While there is nothing wrong with this method,this method will cause a wastage of time ie the time taken for uploading the file on to this third party sites.

Today I will show you an alternative method to send files from one computer to another computer without uploading it anywhere.For this method we will be using a software called Binfer.You can download Binfer from here:Binfer Download Link.The software has a well defined user friendly interface.

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To send a file from your computer to another computer all you have to do is click on New Button[top left corner].Now in the email field enter the email address of the person to whom you want to send the file.Now drag and drop the file onto the screen or click the add button and add the files.Also make sure that you enable the WebLink Option.After that click the send button and your are good to go.

Now the other party will recieve an email with a download link to the file you have selected .The other person has two options to download the file.Either a direct download via his browser or a download via Bifender on his computer.Some of the advantages of this method are:

  • No need to upload the files anywhere.
  • Can send very large files.
  • Ability to auto resume the download in case it is broken.
  • High security maintained.
  • Works with a software model similar to torrents,but this is more effective.

Do drop comments here if you face any trouble in sending files from one computer to another without uploading the files anywhere.Here at KalladaMagz we are always happy to help you.Looking forward for your opinions.

Send Files From One Computer To Another Without Uploading It Anywhere

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