Sunday, January 27, 2013

Take A Photo In Android Phones Without Other Person Knowing

Hello and Welcome back friends.I was away from home for few days and that is the reason that KalladaMagz remained idle for 2 days.Any way leave all that now.Today I will teach you guys something really tricky in Android.I will show you an app which can be used to take the photo of someone without his knowledge.Now you can say that I can take anyone’s photo without his knowledge if I switch off the camera sound and flash.But still that is not a foolproof plan.You need to take the camera app for that purpose and there is possibility that someone might notice it and you will land in trouble.

The first thing we need for this dirty trick is an app called Mobile Hidden Camera.This is one of the first and the best spy camera app available for Android till date.Another useful feature of this app is that this app disguises itself as a simple notepad application in the application tray.

Open The App and leave all settings with the default values.Now click on the image button.With that your hidden camera will be switched on.That is,your phone’s display will go off and it will behave as if the phone is switched off.Now all you need to do is adjust phone to take a good shot and tap on the screen.Though it appears like a lot of work,dont worry guys.Its actually pretty simple.You don’t even have to tap hard on the screen.Just a small touch is enough.You can take videos using the same method.


There are many ways you could use this app.You can use this app as a show off infront of your friends.But if you use this app to hurt someone’s feelings,then God Save You.Anyway if you face any problems using this app to take photo’s of a person without his/her knowledge on and Android phone kindly drop a comment here.Here at KalladaMagz we are always happy to help you.

Take A Photo In Android Phones Without Other Person Knowing

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