Sunday, January 27, 2013

Resize Images Directly In Visual Editor In Wordpress

Hello and Good Morning Guys.Today in this post I will show you how to edit and resize images directly in the text editor[WYSWYG editor].Actually this was a feature that WordPress use to have in its earlier version’s.Sometimes it might be the wordpress version causing this problem or sometimes it might be something up with my theme that is causing this.But with this method I was successful in resizing the images directly in the Visual Editor in wordpress.

For this method you require a plugin called Image Pro.You can search for this plugin from your dashboard or you can download it from here:Image Pro .Actually I really want to write a longer post.But this method is as simple as this.All you need is to download and activate the plugin.From now on when you upload a image and when you click on the image in the visual editor you should see the resize buttons appearing around the image.

imagepro f improf 472x236

But I do strongly suggest you guys the 2 minute plugin tutorial in their official website.A video is worth 1000 words.This video shows you all the awesome features of this plugin.Do check it out.

Do drop comments here if you have some alternative methods to resize images in WordPress visual editor.Here at KalladaMagz we are looking forward for your comments and suggestions

imagepro f improf 472x236 imagepro f improf 472x236

Resize Images Directly In Visual Editor In Wordpress

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