Sunday, December 23, 2012

Google To Clear All Malware Apps From Chrome Web Store

Its seems like Google is really working hard on a winter clean up on all its services.Few days back we read about its winter clean up on Youtube in which the popular video channels like Universal and Sony lost around 1 Billion views.Now Google is doing a similar clean up on its Chrome Webstore where users can download a lot of extensions that can increase the functionality of their browser.

One of the examples for this is an app called Red Facebook,which enables users to change the color of their facebook profile.But the downside is that once installed this application will have access to all your private data,browsing history and complete access to all your tabs in the browser.

Fake Red FaceBook Chrome extension

Google has responded in 2 ways to prevent these kind off chrome extension.The first method is that they will be scanning each and every application in the Chrome Webstore to find the malware applications that steal your data from browser.Another method method which Google is using to prevent this method is by pulling out a major patch for this in the upcomming version 25 of the browser.In the version 25 of the browser users will be prompted when ever a new extension in installed in the browser.Currently,Chrome prompts the user when it installs new applications but it does not prompt when another new application is installed as a part of the previously installed application.

So what do you guys think about Google’s method to prevent spam on Chrome?Will this be the last winter update by Google or can we expect more from them?Do drop your opinions.

Google To Clear All Malware Apps From Chrome Web Store

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