Wednesday, February 6, 2013

How To Send Apks[applications] In Android Phone?

Most of us have faced a situation when we wanted to send or receive an application using our android phone.Unfortunately Android does not permit you to directly send applications just like you send images or audio files.The method I was using till this date was to use some software like ES FileExplorer and make a backup copy of the application and then send the the backup copy to others. Ok this method is not that tough to implement,but still I found a better way to send apks in android phone.This is so simple that a 8 year old kid can do this.

First of all go to play store and download the application Bluetooth App Sender.Its a free application and is only 125k in size.Once install open the application.You should see a list of all applications installed on your computer.Some times you will be asked about which method would you want to choose to send the files.Choose the Normal method.It should work on almost any android phone.Now just click on the application you want send and an pop up box comes up showing your app details.Now click on the send button and you are good to go.

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I hope you enjoyed this post on how to send android apk on android phone.Do drop a comment here if you want some help to implement this method.Here at KalladaMagz we are always happy to help you.

How To Send Apks[applications] In Android Phone?

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