Tuesday, March 5, 2013

How To Find The Owner Of A FaceBook Page/Group?

I was faced with a situation last day where I had to find out the owner of a Facebook Group.It was someone so close to me that I can’t say a no to him.So I searched around net for methods to find the owner of a facebook page/group.But none of them gave me the solution Iwanted.In the ealier versions of Facebook the owners were displayed in the facebook/page group.But now it seems like they have disabled it.But I have found a work around which enables you to find the admins of a Facebook Page/Group.

So first of All go the facebook group whose admins you have to find.Now click on About Tab.You will see a page which lists all the members of that Facebook Group.You will see an option to search for the members of that.On The Left side of the search option You will See a Button called All Members which shows you the number of Members in that group.When you click on The All Members Button A small pop Up Bar will open up showing the following options

1)All members


3)Members By Name

4)Members By Join Date

Click On the Admin Button and you will see the adminstrators of that page.The picture below will make things clear to you.

group f improf 644x483


I hope you enjoyed this post on How To Find The Owner Of A Facebook Group. Don’t hesitate to drop comments here if you face some problems following this method.

How To Find The Owner Of A FaceBook Page/Group?

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How To Block Someone On Whatsapp Android

Well Whatsapp is one of the most popular instant messaging apps in almost every platform including IOS,Android,Windows,S40,S60 phones.The main reason for the success of whatsapp is the simplicity of the app and the superb colour combination of the app.In just few clicks we are able to send pictures and videos to friends.Unlike other instant messaging apps available on mobile platform,whatsapp never crashes.But recently one of my friend asked me how to block someone on whatsapp.

Though whatsapp provides detailed explanation about how to block someone on whatsapp in iphone,it does not provide information about how to block someone in whatsapp in android.Though some sites does claim to show you how to block someone in whatsapp on a android phone none of them provides the correct information.

Follow these steps to block someone on whatsapp.

1.Go to whatsapp

2.Take Settings.I mean go to the page that shows all your chats and open up whatsapp settings.(bringing up settings varies from phone to phone.In samsung it is by clicking the button next to middle button…It varies from phone to phone).

3.Then Select Contacts.In that you will see a option called blocked contacts.Select that and add the contacts that you want to block.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to block someone in whatsapp running on a Android phone.Do drop comments here if you face some problem implementing this method

How To Block Someone On Whatsapp Android

Monday, February 25, 2013

Track The Activities Which Another Person Did While Using Your Computer

How many of us have been in a situation when someone asks our system for sometime and when they return the system to us we want to know what did the other person do on our computer?Yes I have been in that situation many times.There are occasions when my friends ask me for my system and when they return the laptop back to me I always wanted to know what they did on my computer.Just for the sake of curiosity.I just wanted to know which all websites they visited and their user details which they used for logging into their social network account.I am not going to discuss about getting the password stuff in this post.I will write a detailed post about hacking the password of people who used your system for logging in to their accounts.Anyway in this post I will teach you guys how to track the recent activities in your system.

So for this we will be using a software called LastActivityView. This is a really simple program.Its just 65 Kb in sizeYou can download it for free for here:LastActivityView.But don’t mistake its size for its effectiveness.What this program does is it shows a list of all programs and files that were opened in your pc.By going through the list you will be getting a clear idea of what the other person was doing with your system.If you want to know the websites that the other person visited then you can go through the applications opened with this app and find out which browser was opened and then just check the browser history.

last f improf 393x299

So I hope you enjoyed this post on how to keep track of other persons activity on your computer.Do drop comments here if you face some problems implementing this method.


Track The Activities Which Another Person Did While Using Your Computer

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Virginia Allows Parents To Access A Dead Child's Account

Virginia State Government has passed a bill which now enables the parent’s of a dead child to access their child’s online assets including Facebook,Gmail etc.The new law requires the online service provider to give the guardian of the dead child full access to the child’s online contents including Facebook,Gmail etc within 30 days of a written request from the parents of the dead child.

fb f improf 307x226

The persons behind this new law is Ricky and Danie Rash parents of Eric,a 15 year old boy who committed suicide earlier this year.The parents want’t to know why their son committed suicide and they sincerely hope that his Facebook account can throw light on what really happened.The parents had earlier requested Facebook the account details of their son,but Facebook rejected the request stating many privacy and Federal laws.In response to this the parents worked with the state legislators to draft a bill to bring out a change in the law.

So what do you guys think about the decision of State Government of Viriginia to give the parents of a dead child access to their sons Facebook account details.But I dont completely support this decision.It is offcourse true that this decision has many advantages.A mans facebook account details can say many things about a person.Even some secrets which he does not want the world to know.So if the world comes to know about all those hidden secrets of a person after he is dead,we wont be doing justice to the dead,right?

Anyway I am open to your opinions..Lets have a healthy discussion.

Virginia Allows Parents To Access A Dead Child's Account

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How An Android Phone Can Help You Escape From Worst Scenarios?

There are certain situations in which you pray to God for someone to call you so that you can just run away from a particular situations or a particular person.Yes there are a lot of fake call applications available in Play Store, but the main drawback with all these softwares is that they require you to set a specific time at which the fake call should come..If life nothing is certain.We can never tell when you are going to hit trouble.

We will be using a app called Call Faker which is available for free in the android market.The user interface of this app is not much of a high class app.But this app does its job well.It does exactly what it should do.Like all other fake call apps you can specify a time at which the prank call should be made to your phone.But that’s not what makes this app the best.What makes this app the best fake call app is that it provides a cute tiny widget which can be put on your home screen..All you have to do when you are in a uneasy situation is to press this widget.Once clicked this app will make a fake call to your phone in 10 seconds.


I hope you enjoyed this post on How and android phone can help you escape from worst scenarios.Do drop your comments about the app here.Here at KalladaMagz we are always happy to hear from our users.

How An Android Phone Can Help You Escape From Worst Scenarios?

Sunday, February 17, 2013

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